Mike Mikels, Our Founder
ike Mikels has long been involved in music and radio. His production company, M-PAK Productions, has been around since 1974. In 1997, Mike helped Bear Family of Germany put one of it's famous classic CD box sets together. His first foray into radio was with the long running Retro Chart. In 1995, he co-hosted a World War II documentary with Ed Herlihy with the cooperation and assistance of Radio America in Washington, D.C. He has co-hosted various oldie shows on WTTM, WDVR, and WFDU. His own show Country Trax, a regular weekly show, has been on the air since 1992, continuously spotlighting the music of the independent country artist. Mike has compiled year end charts for Airplay International, Indie Central, and New Music Weekly. He was nominated music director of the year by Airplay International in 1993 and again in 1997. Airplay also nominated him in 1997 for program director and air personality. More recently, in March of 1999, he received a Showcase Award from Stardust Records and won Nashville Tracker Magazine's prestigious Music Director of the Year for 1999 at the Golden Music Awards in Nashville. In October, 1999, Mike won his second Music Director of the Year award from Airplay International. At the Golden Music Awards held in April, 2000, Mike was again honored by Nashville Tracker Magazine with a special award honoring his "Contributions to Country Music." The Country Trax Indie Countdown is for the Independent Artists and their music. As Mike says, "It's their show!"

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