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Let me start this page by saying that the CDs that are reviewed are of my own volition - that is they were not paid to be here. CDs on our Buy Independent page were originally sent for airplay and became successful prompting those artists to seek even more success. I have decided to review a few of those first. The artists involved will be surprised when they see this as no contact about reviewing their product was ever initiated in any way.

-- Mike Mikels

Let me begin with the fine CD, DARK HORSES, by Rick Lance, who was our first advertiser and believed in what we were doing. Talk about a rich baritone voice! Rick's got it! Two of the songs "Don't You Know Better Than That" and "You'd Be the First To Know" made the Country Trax Indie Countdown Top 10. "Sarge" is about an influential person, Rick met while in the service. In addition there are eight other fine reasons to own this CD. All of the tracks have been played on MPAK RADIO. It won't be a "dark horse" on your CD player! I've seen Rick perform on stage and his live performances are as rich and fulfilling as his studio work.

Suzie Merwine's CD, "Bring The Woman Out In Me" belongs in everyone's collection. This is the CD that introduced me to Suzie's music. "Mind Of A Fool" and "You And Your Baby Blues"were both Top 3 hits on the CTIC. Wait till you hear "Back Door Of My Mind!" There are seventeen, yes count 'em seventeen great traditional country performances by this great country queen.

Fred McCarty's CD, "The Contender" has numerous hits in it, including the Top 10 CTIC hits "Breakfast In Texas," "Looking For Lucky," and "Oh, Joni Bobbie Sue. Fred's got a great country voice and delivers the ten fine songs on this CD in a variety of styles. It has been my pleasure to meet him in Nashville and see him perform. He is a true professional!

Michelle James lit up our airwaves and everyone else's with her smash hit, "Harden My Heart." The approach to the 1980's Quarterflash rock hit using a flamenco guitar was innovative, very different and it certainly worked. Her five song CD also features her second big hit on the Country Trax Indie Countdown, "Man of the Year." She possesses a super voice and the only thing you'll wish after you've played this CD is that there should've been more of Michelle.

Michael Chain's CD, "Let's Go Chase Some Women" has twelve songs which were written and produced by Michael himself. The title song, "In This Bar In Bakersfield," and "Shadow Dancers" have all been big hits on the CTIC. The CD is loaded with songs that fill your head with melodies that won't go away. That's the mark of some great and catchy music. He's had two singles that have come out since this CD was issued that were also big hits. Hopefully, they will be included on his next great CD. In the meantime ...catch this one!

Don Sepulveda is a fine gentlemen who I had the pleasure of chatting with recently. His CD "COUNTRY CHEMISTRY" is the latest version of his recordings for Door Knob Records. "I've Still Got It Bad For You" and Unspoken Word" were both Top 10 hits on the Country Trax Indie Countdown and his latest "When We Touch The Heart" has recently made it three Top 10 hits in a row, Don's hits have evoked strong passion in our listeners. "I've Still Got It Bad For You" charted for thirty-eight weeks on the Country Trax Indie Countdown and people never tired of it. Don's got fourteen reasons for your purchase of his CD, and guess what? More hits are coming from it - that's for sure!

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